About Us

The Economic Development functions for the City of Whitewright are guided by the Whitewright Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Board of Directors.

The citizens of Whitewright passed an election imposing a one-half of one percent sales and use tax for economic development purposes as authorized by State law.  The City Council of Whitewright then approved Articles of Incorporation and by ordinance established the Whitewright Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).  Bylaws were then adopted to guide the operation of the WEDC. 

The WEDC Board of Directors provide policy direction for the efforts of the WEDC.

Mission Statement

The Economic Development Board's mission is to help Whitewright blossom with business opportunities. Our board, along with the City of Whitewright and our community, are working hard to grow and develop our city by helping business flourish and expand to provide additional jobs and opportunities for economic benefit of our area. The Economic Development Board can help existing or new businesses through land acquisition, available financing, and planning.

Goals & Objectives

Following are the primary goals of the WEDC. 

Short-Term Goals (1-2 yrs):

  • Promote existing businesses
  • Develop a property inventory list
  • Entice businesses to come to Whitewright
  • Begin a savings account

Long-Term Goals (2-5 yrs):

  • Attract a manufacturing business with a minimum of 50 employees
  • Accumulate funds for manufacturing development
  • Develop a positive working relationship with the Community Development and the City Council

Board Members

The seven-member WEDC Board of Directors is appointed by the Whitewright City Council and serves at the pleasure of the Council.  They serve without compensation for two three-year terms.  Officers of the WEDC are elected by the Board.  Correspondence to the full Board should go through the WEDC Administration contacts.

  • Kelly Selman, President
  • Justin Minzenmayer, Vice-President
  • Gwyn Jordan, Secretary
  • Mark Kline
  • Amy Shaw

The WEDC meets regularly on the 3rd Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m.  Agendas for regular and special meetings are posted at City Hall.

The City of Whitewright's Public Records Page includes the meeting agendas and minutes for the WEDC.

The administrative functions of the WEDC are managed by the WEDC Administrative Assistant in cooperation with the Chair of the WEDC Board.

Location: 113 W Grand Ave, Whitewright, Texas  75491

Phone: (903) 364-2000
Email: 4a4b@whitewright.com

The WEDC Board and Staff strive to operate in an open environment to the extent possible.  Considerable communication venues are summarized on the page referenced above.