Carl's Sausage, 121 N Bond St.

This property is on a list for eventual demolition to make way for new use.


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Former service station, Corner of Grand and Bond

Potential site for a 50s-style diner.

Children's Park, 106 W. Oak St.

Expand children's park by using the lot where the former nursing home is located.

Downtown Sidewalk, 100 Block of Grand Ave.

Sidewalks need to be repaired and made more accessible.

Pettit's Grocery, 228 W Grand Ave.

The REFRESH team is looking at this building for a potential youth center.

What is REFRESH?

Students at Whitewright High School established REFRESH to "refresh" our town and provide more amenities to our community.  It is a student-led project to repurpose existing properties and renew the town.

Projects under consideration include:

  • Roller rink
  • Festivals (music, movies, street dances, children's events)
  • Coffee shop/arcade
  • Expand children's park
  • Swimming pool
  • Improve sidewalks

The 2016-17 REFRESH Team: Grayson Hinkle, Avery Moore, and Ashley Bray.

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Revitalization Effort For Renewing Every Small Hometown

Grand Cafe, 120 W Grand Ave.

Seeking new owners to reopen.

Kalos, 108 W Grand Ave.

Potential site for a coffee shop.