The Community Development Corporation is a non-profit, industrial development corporation under the Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979 (the Act), Texas Revised Civil Statutes Ann. Art. 5190.6, as amended.

The Corporations is organized exclusively for the purpose of benefiting and accomplishing public purposes authorized in the Act. Utilizing sales tax revenues, public purpose projects include improvements suited for children's sports, park facilities, tourism, museums, and Main Street improvements.

The purpose of 4B is to promote tourism, athletic activity, public safety, and the beautify the City of Whitewright. The board was equal partners with the City of Whitewright in purchasing the EMS/Police Station and some of the technologies used there. They also have purchased number signs, promotional literature, maintained landscaping, and refurbished the Whitewright Civic Center which was used for civic functions. Most recently, the Historic Nature Park has been cleaned up and new retaining walls around the lake that finish out the look of the park have been installed.

With more and more children in Whitewright, they purchased the land with their own funds as well as state grants and private donations of time and resources to create the Whitewright Children's Memorial Park. The park has playground equipment, a skateboard pad, and a basketball court. A gazebo with grills and picnic tables is getting a great deal of use. Other picnic tables and exercise equipment were a project of Howe Eagle Scouts. A walking path has been created as well as a xeriscape garden on the west end of the park. The park has been finished with historical signs, water fountains, benches, plus maintenance. Bathrooms has also been completed on the Trades Day Grounds at the American Legion Park, near the children's park.

The 4B Board is making Whitewright a safer, more beautiful and happier place to live.


 Community Development Corporation



Mailing Address
Whitewright Economic Dev. Corp. and/or Whitewright Community Dev. Corp.
PO Box 189
Whitewright TX 75491

Physical Address
113 W Grand Ave
Whitewright TX 75491